Addressing the Lab Operators Sourcing Dilemma: High Quality Laboratory Equipment at Reasonable Prices

We live in challenging times, especially when it comes to high-quality lab equipment, like a stainless steel lab table or lab cabinets and benches. Lab operators, looking to source high-quality lab furniture, must now balance their priorities: Buy cheap, fast, and of low quality; or delay their projects, and source high-quality. At LEI Sales, we have alternatives: Buy cost-effective, high-quality products, and we’ll even guarantee reduced lead times.

Bridging the Gap

With the need for medical procedures, and supporting lab services, in greater demand than ever, and expected to continue rising, now is not the time to pause or delay the launch of lab service expansion projects. Unfortunately, many critically needed laboratory furniture, such as metal lab cabinets, are hard to source quickly. Current supply chain issues, high costs, and tight labor markets are exacerbating the demand-supply challenges for laboratory managers and administrators.

There is also the issue of price inflation. If you try to source a high-quality new stainless steel lab table, you’ll likely find that prices have risen steeply, some even as high as 100%, over the last half-decade or so. This contributes to the challenge of bridging the gap between cost, availability, and quality. And at LEI Sales, that’s exactly what we do – we excel at challenges!

Providing Labs with Alternative Options

Whether it’s getting a new laboratory outfitted for project launch, or whether it’s a planned expansion of high-demand services, project delays can be costly. Not only are there financial repercussions, but reputational ones too: If you don’t launch on time, your health services partners may lose confidence in your abilities to serve them in future. More critically, there are opportunity-costs too – clients lost, due to your project launch delays, may never return.

If you want your metal lab cabinets delivered in time for your project’s deadlines, LEI Sales has the solution: Source them from our online catalogue. You’ll find a broad array of new and used laboratory furniture collections listed there, including:

  • Used metal cabinets
  • Mobile lab benches
  • SS lab tables
  • Stand-alone lab sinks

One option, that some of our customers have considered, is to move away from harder to come-by standard casework, to broader use of mobile benches and tables.  Alternatively, you might consider workable product substitutions to ensure you have a functional lab up and running in time. For instance, why not use a stainless steel lab table instead of a metal cabinet, if those cabinets are harder to find? Even switching to alternative lab sink configurations, from ones integrated into metal base cabinets, to stand alone ones, can bring errant project schedules back on track.

Cost-effective Quality

Given the plethora of technical, operational, and logistic challenges facing laboratory operators today, the most cost-effective way to ensure high-quality at a reasonable price, is to source slightly used or refurbished equipment. Our online catalogues offer a range of laboratory furniture and equipment – ranging from new, to gently-used and refurbished products.

You can also opt to pay based on a convenient interest-free installment plan. Plus, while we provide high-quality, we also offer reduced lead time guarantees, and competitive value-based pricing.

A Lab Info System (LIS) manages and organizes data in a medical laboratory, streamlining processes such as sample tracking, result reporting, and quality control for efficient and accurate healthcare diagnostics.