Changing Your Life By Using An E-Cigarette To Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, one of the best things you can do in your life is to quit smoking. It is a nasty habit that is highly damaging to your health, but it is also challenging to stop as nicotine is so addictive. However, an excellent way to give up the habit for good is to use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) in the form of an e-cigarette. You will need to do some planning and research to ensure that you make the best choice of device, but it will make it easier to stop smoking. Below is a guide to help you use this NRT method to quit smoking and start taking control of your life successfully.

Choosing Your Vape Device

You will want to do plenty of research into the different vaping devices available, so you select one that you are happy with using. There is plenty of informative websites that you can look at, and an excellent resource is the website. It is also worth visiting your local vaping store, speaking to the salesperson about the different devices, and asking for their recommendations. You may want to look at the starter kits, so you do not spend too much money before finding out whether vaping is for you or not, and the starter kits are relatively cheap and affordable. Once you decide you are happy to vape, you can invest in a better device and take your vaping experience to a whole new level.

Choosing The Nicotine Level

You will also have to ensure you use vape juice with the correct amount of nicotine for your needs. The salesperson in your local vape store can also give you advice about this matter. If you are a heavy smoker and smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day or more, you will need to start with the more potent vape juice. If the e-liquid you vape is not strong enough, you may find it does not satisfy your cravings or urges, and if it is too strong, you can overload on nicotine which can make you feel sick.

A Flavour You Love

You will also want to select a flavour of vape juice that you love, which will make the process of not smoking seem much more manageable. When it comes to finding a suitable vape juice, UK stockists have a vast array of different flavours available from which you can choose. There are fruity flavours, dessert flavours, tobacco flavours, and even some outlandish ones such as garlic, tuna, or bacon!

Reducing Your Dose

Once you have started smoking and settled into vaping, you will need to reduce the nicotine level of the vape juice you use. It may take a month before you are comfortable with vaping, and when you are, you can start using the next strength down of vape juice. Again, it may take some time before this is comfortable for you, and you may vape more until you are used to a lower dose of nicotine. Keep up the process of reducing the nicotine strength that you vape until you reach the lowest level. You will find that you can control your urges much easier now, and you are left with two options. Firstly, quit vaping entirely and enjoy a smoke-free life, or secondly, carry on vaping nicotine-free vape juice and enjoy all the fantastic flavours available.