Gone are the days of just rolling weed up in a joint and smoking away. The weed about 50 years was less than half as strong it is now and on top of that people didn’t know what other chemical, they were smoking with it. As the stuff was not regulated cartels or the people who were involved in growing and selling the plant used to mix other chemicals in it to make it stronger or to increase their profits, rarely anyone knew what they were smoking along with the plant. With today’s research and market regulation the science surround marijuana has gone up a lot and people know exactly the type and quantity of weed they are smoking or using. Even the old ways of just rolling a joint have gone away. People now have the option of eating, drinking, smoking in different ways with fancy gadgets, even if you are old school you can buy weed online. The world of weed has really changed, if someone from 90s was to wake up today they would not believe the advances we have made in this regard. Let’s look at some different ways of consumption.


People who are not comfortable with smoking now have different varieties of drinks available to them. There are even different varieties of wines and champaigns out there which have THC and CBD in them. Even normal fruit juices and sodas are now infused with THC and CBD. Drinks are now being sold with exact ingredients and calories, they show the percentage of THC and CBD inside of it, it doesn’t matter if you want to get really high or just a slight buzz there is something for everyone out there.


Back in the day when people used to make edibles by themselves, they didn’t know how much stuff was in the food and how much they needed to eat, this led to the stories of people getting too high on edibles. Imagine if you didn’t know the difference between whiskey and beer and went on to chug a few mugs of whiskey, similar thing used to happen to people. But now the world has changed, you can see the exact amount of stuff is in the thing you are about to eat. You can get different types of chocolates and gummy bears, candies. There are some services out there which provide catering services to people with food infused with weed and they provide top notch quality food which will also get you high.


Remember when someone in your group knew how to make bongs out of plastic bottles and that used to be considered a luxury, well now not only you can buy weed online, you can also buy bongs which are more like gadgets, with exact temperature settings, and smoke flow you want to like. These machines will provide you with the optimum temperature you need for your weed to get you super high.