How to Choose the Right Physiotherapist for You?

Physiotherapy is helpful in dealing with conditions that impact the muscles, joints and soft tissues. It is also particularly beneficial when healing from injuries. There are numerous physiotherapy clinics in the market, so knowing the qualities of the suitable physiotherapist can be advantageous. In countries like Singapore, sessions with a physiotherapist are not free (unless covered by your insurance policy) and are actually quite expensive. It is not a bad idea to do some research before deciding on one. Here are some points to consider when selecting a physiotherapist in Singapore:

●       Qualifications and Accreditations

In Singapore and in most countries, a physiotherapist must have a degree and fulfill additional requirements. It is crucial to confirm that the physiotherapist you are selecting complies with the requirements first and foremost. Qualifications and accreditations are further indicators of the caliber of care provided, competency in the area of specialization, and the professional responsibility of a physiotherapist. The proper qualifications and accreditations are non-negotiable when choosing a physiotherapist and should be verified before any treatment sessions. It is advisable to look out for relevant details about physiotherapy practice in Singapore.

There are a lot of credible sources of information on the internet nowadays that can be used as reference to verify the reliability of the physiotherapist and/or healthcare facility being considered. Some physiotherapists and/or the clinics they are associated with have websites that contain valuable information.  You can also give them a call on their registered contact number and inquire if you wish.

●       Area of Specialization

Physiotherapy is a broad field including sports injury, elderly care, stroke rehabilitation, and so on. There are physiotherapists doing general practice who can deal with a large range of conditions. But some do have areas of expertise or specialization which should be considered when selecting. Your choice should be a physiotherapist specializing in the area of your concern for higher chances of getting the proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment. For example, if you have been injured in your recent basketball game, a physiotherapist specializing in sports injury may be the right choice for your recovery. Likewise, children in need of treatment should preferably see physiotherapists with expertise in pediatric physiotherapy for best outcomes.

  • Treatment Methods

With ongoing advancements in healthcare, various treatment options are now available on the market. Depending on your preferences, a physiotherapist could be able to provide you with a variety of traditional and alternative treatment methods. There are cases where you will require a specific treatment – always ask a physiotherapist if the treatment method you require or preferred is available. Keep in mind that the treatment methods being offered should be of ethical approach and based on scientific studies which are said to be more effective than those with no scientific back-up.

Other healthcare practitioners such as massage therapists or life coaches, may also be available at some healthcare facilities that can be considered when you choose.

  • Clinic Hours and Availability

A physiotherapist’s availability and schedule must be taken into account because people frequently seek them out for quick pain relief. You might need to make appointments days or weeks in advance for some physiotherapists due to their high demand and being on a waiting list is not an option. Think about who can get to you the earliest. Some healthcare facilities in Singapore are flexible with appointments and will adapt their schedules to fit your availability. Others operate in extended hours to make room for busy individuals. Look up details to aid in your decision such as clinic hours and how to schedule an appointment.

  • Location

Another question to answer when looking for a physiotherapist is “Where in Singapore?” or “Is the physiotherapist nearby?”. When selecting a physiotherapist, location is an important factor that you should keep in mind. In order to make visits easier for you, it is recommended that you look for a healthcare facility close to where you live or work especially if you require long-term treatment. Also, long distance travel is not an option especially for post-surgery patients. However, always remember to first determine if the physiotherapist near you can genuinely meet your needs before picking. The closest option isn’t necessarily the best.

Additionally, consider factors like journey time, method of transportation, and accessibility via public transit to aid in your decision.

  • Privacy and Space

Two more considerations when selecting a physiotherapist are the actual setting and environment of the healthcare facility the physiotherapist offers. You should be able to cover questions such as “Does the physiotherapist offer a relaxing, secluded space?” or “Are my sessions private enough?”, etc. Your treatment will go more smoothly if you can unwind and express your worries without getting upset or ashamed.

It can be unsettling and destructive to your rehabilitation process if other patients, who are practically strangers, overhear your discussions with the physiotherapist or, worse still, watch you as you receive treatment.

  • Cost

The expense of physiotherapy sessions should be taken into consideration. Modern equipment, additional amenities, etc. that some healthcare facilities provide may have an impact on the price. Or, other physiotherapists may charge more because they are more specialized (through extended training, etc.) in the area of your concern than others. Although, it is common knowledge that the best ones may charge more, this isn’t always the case.

Getting the best possible care is essential, but you shouldn’t have to pay a lot of money without a reason. Always make sure the service you are paying for is worth it. There are cases where some healthcare professionals take advantage of their patients’ fear of prolonged pain and offer unnecessary treatments or extended sessions which can add-up to the cost.

  • Reputation

Checking reviews or testimonies online or on any available publications from previous patients with similar conditions as you is helpful when selecting a physiotherapist. You can consult with your friends and family for suggestions and counsel. Or possibly ask your doctor or physician for a recommendation.

In addition to all the points shared above, be reminded to always set expectations with your selected physiotherapist before commencing any treatment for a clear understanding of your requirements and desired results.

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