Know About The Phonophoresis And Iontophoresis Treatments

Treatment for Musculoskeletal

Musculoskeletal conditions are irritating to every human being. That is why people are looking for various new treatment methods and strategies. Science always brings in different ways to treat such problems.

Phonophoresis is among such techniques that use ultrasound devices with topical medications to solve such problems. It can also cure inflammatory conditions. That is why people combine them with anti-inflammatory medicines to remove the pain and its symptoms. That brings a positive result in enhancing the functions of your ligaments and muscles. During such treatments, the doctors will put a gel that contains drugs like dexamethasone. Then they will put on the transducer on your skin by adjusting its wavelength.

Things to know between phonophoresis and iontophoresis treatments

People see effective results from both the phonophoresis and iontophoresis treatments. Let us have a look at some of the facts on its clinical trials.

  • Both treatments are useful in reducing pain relating to musculoskeletal conditions. In a tennis elbow, the iontophoresis method is better for proving grip strength and restoration of the functional capabilities. It is not easy to evaluate the results from these techniques. Many studies apply them with various other therapeutic option combinations.
  • The iontophoresis method has more studies as compared to the phonophoresis for treating lateral epicondylitis. ‘Physiotherapy’ is a journal that published a study wherein they evaluated the ultrasound applications. It showed that relief from pain is possible for phonophoresis patients with epicondylitis clasp. Therefore, relying on ultrasound will not be enough for tennis elbow. You will find similar results in studies of Cyriax physiotherapy and phonophoresis.
  • Some studies show that both treatments provide relief from pain and improving the symptoms of the patient. They can enhance the effect of it by strengthening exercises and stretching as well. The other studies that you will find will show significant focus on the working of the iontophoresis treatment. It will also show that Cyriax physiotherapy is also effective against lateral epicondylitis.

The Iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is also an effective way to provide drugs to the human body. They will not use the ultrasound waves. Instead, they go for electrical stimulation. People use it for the same reason as phonophoresis, but studies show that this treatment is much more effective. It is a safer option and has minimum side effects. You can go online and check out to find out more information about it. They will have every detail of such treatments and their possible side effects.