Peptides Can Help Injury Repair

Peptides are a group of amino acids that have been connected together. They can be thought of as small proteins. They can play many roles within the body, including signaling and messaging. Some of them can be neurotransmitters, while others may be hormones. They attach to cell surface receptors to tell cells and molecules what to do. They are very specific and extremely safe.

Even the most active person can suffer from frustration or pain due to an injury. They have to wait until they can get back on the fields, the gym, or the dance floor.

For those of us not in our 20s, we need to be aware that our growth hormone (GH) can affect how fast we heal injuries and how quickly our recovery from them. There are substances in the body that can accelerate injury recovery, such as connective tissue repair. This can be stimulated by growth hormone secretagogues and specific peptides. Secretagogues and peptides are substances that stimulate the production of another substance. In this case, it is growth hormone.

Growth hormone can be used as a communication tool to communicate with tissues cells. It promotes the formation of new cells, growth factors and muscle fibers as well as joint revitalizion. Secretagogues and peptides can be used to stimulate HGH from the pituitary to speed up this repair and renew mechanism.


All peptides, including Thymosin Beta 4, IGF-1, and CJC-1295/Ipamorelin can be used to aid in injury and regeneration.

Thymosin beta 4

Thymosin beta 4, which promotes blood vessel, skin and muscle cell movement, is also known as Thymosin beta 4. This allows for faster, more efficient wound repair and faster recovery from injury. Thymosin beta 4 is stimulated through the thymus.


Mechano Growth Factor can be used to stimulate muscle development. It causes muscle cells that are damaged to split and creates new cells. This leads to muscle repair and growth. It is essential for the repair and growth of new cells.


IGF-1 is the next generation in performance enhancement for muscle building. It is more important than HGH for growth.


Combination CJC-1295/Ipamorelin can have strong effects on the release of IGF-1 and Growth Hormone. It reduces body fat and allows your body to use its fat stores as energy. This combination is known to increase cellular repair, renewal, collagen production.

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