Want to Get Dentures in Fairfield, ME? Here’s What You Can Expect

If you have missing teeth, removable dentures can restore your confidence without costing you a lot. You can get partial dentures for one or more missing teeth or full dentures for a full arch of teeth. These kinds of dentures can look like your real teeth and can let you speak and smile comfortably.

What to Expect When You Get Dentures

Getting dentures begin with an oral examination to assess your dental health. A dentist who specializes in Fairfield, ME family dentistry will check for tooth decay or infections and determine whether they have to extract some teeth before they give you dentures. 

To make your custom-fitted dentures, an impression of your gums and teeth should be taken. When your dentures are ready, you can try them on to ensure they fit snugly and don’t cause bite problems. Once final adjustments are made to your dentures, you can display a new smile again.

Adjusting to New Your Dentures

Often, it takes around thirty days to feel comfortable with your dental appliance. However, there are things you must know when trying to adjust to your new dentures.

For instance, you will normally feel some discomfort or tenderness for a few days as your mouth adjusts to the dentures. If sore spots develop and persist, this could mean the dentures do not fit properly. In this case, you must visit your dentist as soon as possible, so they can adjust the dentures. 

To avoid pain during the adjustment period, try to eat soft foods such as scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, and bananas. Also, you must chew slowly and cut your food into small pieces. This allows you to easily adjust to eating with your dentures. To make sure your dentures do not dislodge, chew food using both sides of the mouth.

Moreover, as you adjust to the new dentures, you may also have more saliva than before. But this should stop once you get accustomed to wearing dentures. Also, it’s important to practice speaking. Your very first dentures might lead to a lisp or clicking sound. However, this will disappear when you practice frequently. To master speaking using your new dentures, try to reach out loud.

Importance of Denture Care and Maintenance

Your dentures will last for more than ten years when you take care of them properly. No cleaning or caring for your dentures can reduce their lifespan. Also, dirty dentures can put you at risk of gum disease and other mouth infections. Your dentist should give you instructions for caring for your dentures.